Gap Analysis against the standards

 Cyber Security gap analysis against the standards- ISO27001, HMG Standards and JSP440

Here at Rainbow we provide a Cyber Security Gap analysis against the standards during this process we will identify areas of improvement needed to bring your business in line with the industry standards and map it to your current cyber security policies and procedures and also identify the policies and procedures you may be missing.  This is useful to ensure you are investing in the right areas of your business cyber security wise and steering your business into a more secure direction it also provides assurance when your business is going for accreditation it also demonstrates that your business takes Cyber Security seriously to any other likeminded companies you may wish to do business with.

The areas covered in this service are as follows:

  • Asset marking and Controls
  • Personnel Security
  • Physical and environmental Security
  • Communications and Cyber Security 
  • Compliance and Assurance
  • Information handling and disposal
  • Release of Information
  • Destruction of Information
  • Monitoring and review of 3rd Party services
  • Change Management 
  • Controls against Malicious code
  • Controls against Mobile code
  • Information Back up
  • Network controls
  • Management of removable media
  • Security of system documentation
  • Information exchange policies and procedures.
  • Physical media in transit
  • Electronic messaging 
  • Monitoring system use
  • Protection of log information
  • Fault logging

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