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Rainbow Cyber Security Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning 

Here at Rainbow Cyber Security we will guide you through the minefield that is building your business a robust and fully functioning Business Continuity and Disaster recovery plan that ensures that should your company be faced with a threat to your business you will be fully able to deal with any situation we implement and protect your companys assets and keep your business running through any disaster.

The Phases of a business Continuity Plan we implement are as follow:

Phase 1-Policy

  • Along with senior management we ascertain the goals and objectives of the Business Continuity Plan.

Phase 2- Project Management and initiation phase.

  • We perform a risk analysis of your business
  • Obtain support from the multiple areas of your business and gain support from the various departments in your business.
  • Establish a work plan 
  • Help your business find the most appropriate individual to take on the role of Business Continuity co ordinator.
  • Establish team members that represent every element of your business

Phase 3-Business Impact Analysis 

  • Determine which areas of the business are critical
  • Determine your companys  Maximum Tolerable Down Time
  • Prioritise business systems based on your companies Maximum Tolerable Down  Time.
  • Document the results and present them to the Board

Phase 4- The Recovery Strategy

  • The recovery strategy will reflect the Maximum Tolerable Downtimeof your organisation.
  • if the system must be recovered in 20 minutes the recovery strategy must be able to recover in less time.
  • Identify alternative solutions and determine the best solution based on cost/benefit analysis 

Phase 4 –Continued

  • The Recovery strategy shall include all of the following :
  • Business Recovery- Focusing  on the critical resources and Maximum Tolerable Downtime
  • Facility recovery –buildings etc
  • User recovery 
  • Operational recovery – systemconfigurations and set up
  • Data recovery- restore from back up
  • We come up with a recovery strategy depending on your organisation which will be one of the following : Mirror site – This a complete replication of your live system
  • Hot site-  This a complete replication of your live system plus office space and all the equipment needed to run the all the  elements of your business including phone lines that will be immediately available should your business face a disaster plus transportation will be in place for all your key staff to get there and is normally situated in another area from your base location .
  • Warm site –This is a  buiding with only your most business critical elements within it to keep the business running until you can resume full operations in the face of a disaster.
  • Cold site – This is just another building which we would have to build everything from scratch including equipment in the face of a disaster including equipment and furniture .

One of the above solutions will be in place depending on your companies maximum tolerable down time until we hit our Recovery Point Objective which is when the threats are subsiding and we hit the  Return to Operations phase which is when the business is completely restored.

Here at Rainbow we also test the Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery plan to check it is still functioning throughout the year and represents your current business as it grows and changes and check it is still relevant and operational using multiple tests.

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